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Caffeina Festival

Ten days of global culture, meetings, good music, reading, books, theatre, fun and a lot of beautiful arts. I am ready for this Festival as the arts are part of my life!The game changed with a pair of wide-leg pants! I am absolutely in love with skinny pants and jeans, but I have to recognize, this type of pants is feminine and stylish  enough. I wear my Emporio Armani wide- leg pants with a Camaieu striped satin blouse, Giuseppe Zanotti white sandals and vintage snake skin leather shoulder bag.

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Less is more

Minimal, versatile, affordable and elegant, the little black dress is considered to be a classic that every woman should have : less is more. The sophisticated little black dress  is destined to become a sort of uniform for all women of the world. The Little Black Dress is associated with a chic simplicity that gives the true meaning of  sensuality.I wear my  Hennes dress with Oviesse sandals ,  Diane Von  Furstenberg clutch, and a white T-shirt Zara.

Minimale, versatile, accessibile ed elegante, the little black dress è considerato un classico che ogni donna dovrebbe avere all’interno del proprio guardaroba:  less is more.  Il sofisticato abitino nero e il capo destinato a diventare una sorta di uniforme per le donne di tutto il mondo. The Little Black Dress viene associato ad una semplicità chic,che definisce il vero senso de la sensualità femminile. Al mio tubino nero Hennes , ho abbinato sandali Oviesse , clutch Diane Von Furstenberg , maglietta bianca Zara. 

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Hennes Collection dress

Oviesse sandals

Zara t-shirt

Diane Von Furstenberg clutch

Rolex Daytona

With love,



By night

Well, I am nostalgic about the time I was going in disco all night and was dancing untill the first lights of the new day to come! It is all about time and our transformations, we had become mature with a past to be related with close friends sometimes! So, with this mood, I put a skirt my own design with a vintage skirt belonged to my great-grandmother and I played them with luxuries accessories like Miu Miu open toe pumps and YSLclassic  monogram clutch.  Continue reading


Back in time

One of those days when you put a vintage dress and you weak up in the morning with the desire to travel as far as you can, maybe to go back in time! When you want to be alone with yourself , without fuss and without any reply! A day when you belive that the future is a star to conquer , a day when you dream more and without realizing, in fact, you ‘ve already become  a woman.

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An usual summer day

The  summer has already arrived, it gives me a sense of joy to know that soon I will go to the seaside, and that the holiday is around the corner! I always want to go out, to meet my friends, to have fun, to visit new places and new horizons! With the days so long, divided between office appointments , I love to enjoy the last rays of sun on an usual day of summer! I wear a Elisabetta Franchi dress, Gianfranco Ferrè wedges , Valentino belt, and my new vintage bag in crocodile  to add to my  collection! Et voila!

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Olivia Palermo


She is the queen of the fashion magazines, has a style that always wins, plus an angelic face. Olivia is the daughter of Douglas Palermo, an Italian real estate developer,  and interior designer Lynn Hutchings. She grew up between the Upper East Side of New York and Greenwich, Connecticut. In New York she attended the prestigious Nightingale-Bamford School and later graduated from St. Luke’s School in Connecticut, where she was a member of the field hockey team. She attended the American University of Paris for a year and studied communications at The New School in New York. In 2010 she was elected “new queen of street style” from Asos and became a testimonial for Hogan. Continue reading