Italian smart design @Calligaris1923


Italian smart design is the logo for Calligaris, a company that became famous for their chairs made since 1923. Addicted to future design,
Calligaris is reliable(based on ‘can do’ attitude),ingenious (smart products, intelligent design), accessible(in term of price, use, adaptability), vital(well-design universe that dictates the style of Italian furniture worldwide). Smart design is a harmony between reason and emotion, knowing how to live, how to add simplicity as a new value. Continue reading


My Calvins

My Calvins jeans are on my list  from always! I find them classy and comfy with lines that advantages your body. I have already known that Calvin Klein offers modern, sophisticated styles for women so they will not miss from my wardrobe  in the  future! I wear them with a wool sweater and a Saint Laurent pumps. Continue reading

a striped shirt7

A striped shirt

A  striped shirt became an important part of my wardrobe. I wear it with pants, with jeans but I love to put it with a mini skirt. It gives that masculine touch so chic and trendy now. As I visited a museum in Bracciano town, close to the lake and the famous  castle where stars as Tom Cruise get married, I decided to wear a comfy outfit. Continue reading