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The best kitchen@Arancucine

The best kitchen is difficult to find as a woman! Maybe because we expect everything: professionally, aesthetic and, of course, a good color. I have to admit that I am not addict to cooking, but I am getting on. So, let me introduce you the Cover kitchen from Aran that changes its colors in tune with your mood! Enjoy it!  Continue reading


Italian smart design @Calligaris1923


Italian smart design is the logo for Calligaris, a company that became famous for their chairs made since 1923. Addicted to future design,
Calligaris is reliable(based on ‘can do’ attitude),ingenious (smart products, intelligent design), accessible(in term of price, use, adaptability), vital(well-design universe that dictates the style of Italian furniture worldwide). Smart design is a harmony between reason and emotion, knowing how to live, how to add simplicity as a new value. Continue reading