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My Calvins

My Calvins jeans are on my list  from always! I find them classy and comfy with lines that advantages your body. I have already known that Calvin Klein offers modern, sophisticated styles for women so they will not miss from my wardrobe  in the  future! I wear them with a wool sweater and a Saint Laurent pumps. Continue reading

a striped shirt7

A striped shirt

A  striped shirt became an important part of my wardrobe. I wear it with pants, with jeans but I love to put it with a mini skirt. It gives that masculine touch so chic and trendy now. As I visited a museum in Bracciano town, close to the lake and the famous  castle where stars as Tom Cruise get married, I decided to wear a comfy outfit. Continue reading


Something traditional

When I was a child, I used to play not with toys, but with my mother’s clothes! This blouse is a traditional one, handmade by my grandmother who gift it to my mum. And now it is mine and I am so proud to wear it, it is also a way to remember my mum who is my beautiful angel now! Then I put a pair of Armani jeans, Fendi sandals, a Hugo Boss jacket and Chanel bag. Continue reading